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Staubdichtes Big Bag Entleersystem mit Schutzumwehrung in guter Auflösung.

More capacity with automated big bag handling_edit

When filling and emptying big bags, the highest standards of safety and product handling must be met. Dusty or adhesive bulk materials in particular require reliable and intelligent system solutions, as a current project for pesticide production shows.

Ein umgedrehter BigBag wird entleert

Trends in Bulk Materials Technology: Optimal Emptying of Big Bags

Not every bulk material can be discharged from its container without difficulty. This can quickly become a challenge. Engelsmann product developer Viktor Quindt gives tips for efficient and residue-free discharge and an outlook on developments in the coming years.

Cleanly solved: multifunctional emptying of big bags

Customers often present us with exciting challenges. This was also the case for a manufacturer from the pharmaceutical industry who was looking for a solution for dust-free big bag emptying for its lactose production, with which it is possible to switch between two different downstream processes.

Frontalaufnahme des kegelförmigen, staubdichten Abfülltrichters inklusive der linksstehenden Bedieneinheit der großen Befüllstation "Hero"

Mobile filling station for large and small containers

A manufacturer of plastic granules kept receiving inquiries about smaller product quantities. However, setting up a separate production line with small-bag filling was not worth the effort. Today, new customers are being won with a mobile filling system that can also complement existing big bag filling stations.

Frontalansicht auf eine Big Bag Entleersmaschine für Laktose

Multifunctional big bag emptying in hygienic productions

Multifunction station for emptying lactose from big bags. With integrated protective screening.

Big Bag Entleergestell mit Kranbahn und nach oben rechts führende Förderschnecke. Ein Big Bag ist eingehängt.

Intelligent plant engineering: flexible emptying and conveying

Whether for chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food or animal feed: a globally active contract packer doses, fills and packs across all industries. The new system for big bag emptying with matching conveyor technology should therefore be adaptable to a wide range of products and take up little space.

Synthetic resin production: suitable mixing plant from Engelsmann

Synthetic resins consist of two components, the pure epoxy resin and the hardener. It is crucial for the reactivity of resin and hardener that the pre-products are brought together in the correct mixing ratio. This example shows what a solution with the JEL TRM drum mixer looks like.

Compact big bag emptying station for the cosmetics industry

The discharge of bulk materials containing dust or grease and their feeding to the production process requires reliable plant solutions tailored to the product. They must be adapted to the existing conditions on site and ensure high throughput rates, as this practical example shows.

Compact filling technology for big bags and drums

How we implemented a multi-functional system combining classifying screening with a downstream filling solution for several drums at the same time for a customer from the chemical industry. Alternatively, the system can also be used for filling big bags. And all this with minimal space and personnel requirements.

Emptying and conveying silica: a turnkey project

Emptying and conveying Big bag system as an important link between incoming raw materials and production Big bag emptying stations are not among the most complex plant components, but nevertheless,…

Emptying big bags safely under containment conditions

Containment systems for big bag emptying include single-use or disposable film systems. What level of safety do these systems offer? Where are critical points in the maintenance of the containment? And what demands are made on the operating personnel? You can find out here.

Automatic big bag emptying system replaces bag emptying station

In order to make emptying and feeding processes of methacrylamide in production more efficient, a company from the chemical industry switched from sacks to big bags and an individually designed big bag emptying station from Engelsmann – with flawless results.