Sieving technology by

Precise machine design based on your individual task and the properties of the product. For you, this means: the best possible process reliability.

Our sieving machines are easy to operate, easy to clean and low-maintenance. For minimum set-up and downtimes in your production – whether containment, chemical, pharmaceutical or food.

High-quality materials and well thought-out designs ensure trouble-free operation and a long service life for our sieving machines.

If our standard is not sufficient, we design and manufacture the sieving machine exactly as you need it. So that you can sieve without any compromises.

Sieving machines | made by Engelsmann
– also for containment applications.

Sieving machines according to
the sieving task

Granulat in verschiedenen Farben und Größen springt über ein Sieb


Separation of a product to be screened into at least two fractions. Each fraction corresponds to a given grain spectrum.

Safety and Control Sieving

Separating foreign bodies that have unintentionally entered the product. Or checking the sieving product for the correct grain size.

Kleine weiße Produktteilchen und grobere pinke Klumpen springen über ein engmaschiges Sieb

Coarse and fine screening

Separation of product particles that are bigger resp. smaller than the specified grain size range.

Nahaufnahme von agglomeriertem, blauem Produkt


Mechanical dissolution of agglomerates and lumps in the material to be screened.

Are you looking for a certain sieving machine?

JEL Konti II CTM (Containment)

JEL Regula Standard



JEL Palafix

JEL Viro

JEL Freischwinger

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

JEL EasyVib


JEL VibSpeed


JEL Konti II

Sieving machines by
type of sieve movement

Vibration Sieving Machines

Vibration sieve machines generate a horizontal and vertical sieving movement with their oscillating motors. This enables efficient, high-throughput sieving on a small footprint.

Linear Vibrating Screens

Linear vibrating screens or swing sieving machines move the material being sieved nearly horizontally. This is gentle on the product and is ideal for sensitive, fragile bulk solids.

Centrifugal Screening Machines and Strainers

Centrifugal screeners fling the material to be sieved against a sieve basket from the inside with rotating tools. Strainers, on the other hand, gently push the material through the sieve mesh with passing bars.

Projekt highlights
Sieving Technology

3 steps to your
Sieving Solution


We listen, ask questions
and make suggestions

We analyze your problem and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product provide process security.


Your machine emerges

Now the work by our designers starts. The sieving machine takes shape in consultation with you. Once you have approved it, our manufacturing team takes over.


It works.

Your sieve solution is ready. Our service team ensures smooth integration and commissioning and will continue to be there for you afterwards.

Your new sieving machine –
made by Engelsmann