The classic:
coarse and fine grain screening

In coarse or fine grain sieving, all particles that are above or below the desired grain spectrum and are thus too large or small for further processing are sieved out. These coarse and fine fractions are separated as reject grain and disposed of. In some cases, they can be fed back into the product process or recycled. Coarse grain and fine grain sieving have two main objectives:

Best possible processability of raw materials and intermediate products if they have to be available in a certain grain size in production process.

Ensuring the quality of the end product immediately before packaging by screening out unwanted coarse and fine particles.

Größere pinke und kleinere blaue Granulate hüpfen über ein Vibrationssieb

Sieving machines | made by Engelsmann
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Sieving machines for
coarse and fine screening

Containment-Sieb JEL Konti 2 CTM vor transparentem Hintergrund

JEL Konti II CTM (Containment)

Versatile and high-performance vibrating screen in applications with containment up to OEB 4.

JEL Palafix

Centrifugal sieving or straining with one machine

Geschlossener Siebkorb der JEL Viro von oben

JEL Viro

Powerful cyclone separator for products with poor flow properties and those containing grease

JEL Freischwinger

Energy-efficient, multi-purpose linear vibration sieve for sensitive products

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Special linear vibrating sifter for separation of incorrect grains in plastic granulates

JEL EasyVib

Economic, reliable tensioned sieve for simple sieving tasks


For versatile screening tasks. With low construction height – stationary or mobile on a chassis.

JEL VibSpeed

Simple re-tooling from one to two sieving decks.


Round vibration screening machine with up to 5 sieve decks- for many products and sieving tasks

JEL Konti II

Intelligent sieve change and easy to clean. Our classic.

Sieving out coarse and fine grains | by Engelsmann
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This is how you get the best results in
sieving out coarse and fine grains!

High separation precision depends on…

the type of sieve movement,

the retention time and optimum distribution of the product on the screen mesh, and

the precision of the sieve insert or sieve mesh.

Enough sieve surface for a high throughput depending on…

the grain size of the product being sieved,

the properties or sieving behavior of the product,

the sieving process and

the throughput capacity to be realised

Grains sticking? Our sieve cleaning systems ensure maximum permeability of the sieve mesh:




Kleine blaue und gröbere pinke Produktteilchen fallen auf einen Siebeinleger

Sieving technology | made by Engelsmann
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Coarse and fine screening

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