Double cone mixer JEL DKM

The double cone mixer is designed for mixing, homogenizing and dyeing bulk solids in powder or granulate form in a nominal volume of up to 10,000 l.

The mixing drum consists of a cylindrical middle section that ends with a conical end piece at the top and bottom. The connections for feeding and discharging the material to be mixed are located here. The mixing drum is mounted on shaft bearings, and the drive motor and control system are mounted on the side.

The mixer operates without built-in mixing tools according to the principle of free fall. It can be designed for manual operation or docked to an automatic loading and unloading system.

Double cone mixers operate at low speed, low dynamic loads and are gentle on the product. Depending on the task and production environment, there are different versions to choose.

Highlights of the JEL DKM

Easy transport and assembly

Gentle mixing thanks to sloping surfaces

Easy handling

Robust construction

Low dynamic loads

Emptying with virtually no residue

Features of the JEL DKM

For mixing volumes up to 10,000 litres

Standard steel construction (stainless steel and titanium construction possible)

Optionally with automatic feed and discharge

Manual and automatic operation

Batch operation

Rotary inlet as sprinkling possibility for liquid or gaseous media

Double cone mixer optionally with CIP cleaning

Double cone mixer can be supplies as ATEX or GMP construction

Method of operation JEL DKM

The JEL DKM can be loaded and emptied manually or automatically. Once the operator has left the turning zone, the mixing process can be started. The mixing container is set into a horizontal rotating motion.

Thanks to the conical container walls and uniform rotation, there is a three-dimensional rearrangement of the mix. In the process, centrifugal and frictional forces guide the particles upwards, from where they fall or slide back into the mix.

If the speed is increased, the particles are lifted further and fall down in a parabola. The mixing intensity and thus the mixing result can be controlled via the frequency control.

If liquids are to be added, the double cone mixer is designed with a rotary inlet or shaft journal.

Advantages of the JEL DKM

Uniform and gentle rearrangement – also suitable for materials that are sensitive to friction and breakage

Intensive mixing effect even with small quantities of e.g. additives or active ingredients

Dust-free operation due to closed containers

Operator-friendly and low-maintenance operation

Very easy to clean

Robust construction and compact design

Low dynamic loads

It’s that easy for us to supply you with productive mixing technology
Get your JEL DKM double cone mixer in 3 steps


Wir hören zu, stellen Fragen und machen Vorschläge.We listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

Wir analysieren Ihr Problem ganz genau und zeigen Lösungsmöglichkeiten. Versuche im Technikum mit Ihrem Originalprodukt geben Verfahrenssicherheit.We analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot plant with your original product provide process reliability.


Ihre Engelsmann-Lösung entstehtYour Engelsmann solution is developed

Jetzt beginnt die Arbeit unserer Konstrukteure. In Abstimmung mit Ihnen nimmt die Maschine oder Anlage Gestalt an. Nach der Freigabe durch Sie übernimmt dann unser Fertigungsteam.Now the work of our design engineers begins. In coordination with you, the machine or plant takes shape. After your approval, our production team takes over.


Läuft.It works.

Ihr Engelsmann-Equipment ist fertig. Bei Bedarf sorgt unser Serviceteam für eine reibungslose Integration und Inbetriebnahme. Und ist auch im Anschluss für Sie da.Your Engelsmann equipment is ready. If required, our service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. And is also there for you afterwards.