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Mischbehälter aus Edelstahl im Rhönradgestell des JEL RRM, das von einer Schutzumwehrung aus Glas umgeben ist.

Drum hoop mixer for hygienic production processes

With free-fall mixers, the mixing effect is created by setting the entire mixing vessel in motion – usually by rotating or tumbling. Constructed according to hygienic design criteria, the JEL RRM can also be used in hygiene-sensitive industries.

Synthetic resin production: suitable mixing plant from Engelsmann

Synthetic resins consist of two components, the pure epoxy resin and the hardener. It is crucial for the reactivity of resin and hardener that the pre-products are brought together in the correct mixing ratio. This example shows what a solution with the JEL TRM drum mixer looks like.

Container mixers for the food industry

Coffee products, functional foods, snacks, but also baby food and personal care: as an important process step in production, bulk goods such as milk powder, sugar and other products are processed into homogeneous mixtures by this customer. Ideally suited for this: the JEL CM container mixer.