More flexibility for your
bulk solids handling

For chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food: our machines and components are designed to be used individually or combined with each other. So that you remain flexible.


Your product is easy to mix? Or rather unwilling to mix? Are you looking for a gentle mixer for fragile products? Or a complete turnkey solution? We supply mixing systems that fit your requirements.


Big Bags, containers, sacks and drums: Engelsmann technology for emptying various containers fits easily into your production environment. Or containment technology for big bag emptying? We can do that too!


Here you will find filling systems for Big Bags and drums. Also interesting in combination with our mixers, screening machines and other process engineering products. Including containment technology for big bag filling.

Crushing, dosing& discharging

Breaking up agglomerations? Removing clumps? Transfer product in doses? Completely discharge product residues? Crushing machines, rotary valves and discharge equipment and all the matching accessories are found here.

in the laboratory

Precise laboratory technology for determining grain distribution, professional analysis of bulk solids densities for evaluation of the luminosity of color pigments. Laboratory sieves, tamped volume meters, our color rubbing machines and laboratory mixers – find out more.

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Drum Mixer JEL TRM

Double Cone Mixer JEL DKM

Container mixer JEL CM

Rolling Drum Mixer JEL FRM

Drum Hoop Mixer JEL RRM


JEL Barrel emptying cabinet

Container Emptying Station JEL CES

Containment Systems

Big Bag Emptying


JEL Barrel filling systems

Containment Systems

Big Bag Filling

Crushing, dosing & discharging

Discharge unit JEL AV

Rotary feeder JEL ZRS

Lump breaker JEL UZ-2

mixing technology

Free-fall and forced mixers: as standard or individually adapted models

Rhönradmischer mit Edelstahlfass vor weißem Hintergrund

Drum hoop mixer

The free-fall mixer is used for mixing, homogenising and colouring bulk materials and liquids. Ideal for small quantities and confined spaces.

Rolling drum mixer

The drum mixer is suitable for mixing, rearranging, dissolving, emulsifying or deburring. And for much more. Without complex technology. Simple, practical and low-maintenance.

Container mixer

For dry and liquid substances. The JEL CM mixes intensively and gently. It can also homogenise, colour powders or granulates and maps many special purposes – contamination-free.

Double cone mixer

Mixes large and small volumes – and does so particularly gently. Designed for friction- and break-sensitive materials, fine powders and granular material. Also suitable for homogenising and colouring.

Drum mixer

Fully automated if required: The mixer mixes free-flowing, dry bulk materials as well as pasty or doughy product preparations. Also with accessories, such as equipment for degassing or spraying.

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Do you need to empty Big Bags, sacks, containers & barrels?

Engelsmann supplies the right systems for emptying a wide range of packages

Big Bag emptying systems, incl. containment

Empty Big Bags efficiently? We supply emptying systems in various designs with different equipment, matched to the task, the properties of your product and the systems environment. Also for containment areas, including documentation.

Container emptying station

For dust-free emptying of containers. The JEL CES can also be used to discharge bulk material from containers in doses and to empty them volumetrically or gravimetrically. Dosing screws/chutes or rotary valves complement the station if required.

Bag chute

The bag chute can be installed for emptying in free fall above mixers, reactors and the like. Components such as rotary valves or dosing screws and channels are used to discharge the emptied product. They complete the station as additional equipment.


You want to empty drums? Quasi non-stop, i.e. with a roller conveyor for feeding in the full barrels and discharging the emptied ones? And everything safely enclosed for emission-free operation? We can!

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Waldemar Gischa
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Filling of Big Bags & barrels

Filling systems for chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food

Big Bag filling systems, incl. containment

Filling big bags efficiently? We supply filling systems in various designs and equipment. Suitable for the respective task, the properties of your product and the plant environment. Also for hygiene-sensitive containment areas.

Barrel filling systems

When filling barrels, you have a choice: a system for single or multiple filling? Do you need additional filter systems or sensor technology such as fill level indicators? Control technology to automate the process? Here you will find the right components for your barrel filling solution.

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Waldemar Gischa
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Crushing, dosing
& discharging

Crushing, dosing and discharging technology for optimal product feed into your production.

Lump breaker

As primary crusher in fine grinding or as control crusher in pipelines. After dryers, centrifuges and agitators. Or in big bag emptying stations: crushing technology fulfils its task at various points in the production process.

Rotary valve

Discharge and controlled dosing at the same time: The JEL ZRS rotary valve can be easily integrated into process engineering operations – even in potentially explosive atmospheres, where it functions simultaneously as a metering element and a protective system.

Discharge equipment

The JEL AV is specially designed for discharging difficult flowing bulk materials. It can be integrated as an add-on device under silos, containers, bag chutes, filters and for similar use cases. Or it is supplied as a complete solution with a suitable container.

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We can advise you on all issues concerning crushing, dosing and discharging technology

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Crushing technology
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Dosing technology
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Andreas Pappon
Discharge technology
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Engelsmann laboratory technology
When mixing, measuring and testing with high precision is required

Do you want to separate material samples into fractions for grain analyses? Analyse the density of a bulk material before and after tamping? Mix or dye dry as well as liquid materials in the laboratory? Test pigments for colour strength?

Tamping volumeter

For laboratory tests on bulk density: The tamping volumeter is used to determine the volume of a bulk material before and after tamping or compacting. Easy to use, precise results.

Drum hoop mixer

Powders, large-grain products and granulates can be mixed or colored in the drum hoop mixer in mini format. The laboratory mixer is also suitable for dissolving solids into liquids.

Prüfsiebmaschine auf

Test sieve machine
JEL 200-II

The JEL 200-II test sieve machine is designed for precise analysis of the grain size range of dry bulk solids on a laboratory scale and delivers exact separation sieving results.

Pigment Muller JEL 25/53-II

The JEL 25/53-II is for rubbing color pigments in a dough-like condition. Consistency or density of a sample and its color intensity can thus be analysed.

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It is that easy for you to complete your bulk solids handling:
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We will listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

We will advise you and show you possible solutions. A cross-departmental project team will support you for complex tasks.


Your machine or system emerges.

You have the choice. Depending on the task, you can take a standard model, or we can plan and build a bespoke solution for you.


It works.

You have received the Engelsmann equipment. If needed, our service team will support you in commissioning. And, of course, we are still there for you afterwards.