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Standard or bespoke special solutions for Big Bags, barrels and containers.

Comprehensive selection of components and modules, safe and intuitive in operation.

Consistently high-quality materials and workmanship– including purchased components too.

Hygiene package: From hygienic design in the construction to documentation for your qualification.

Just set up and get started? Or is it a little more complex?
We can do both!

Our efficient Big Bag filling solutions are available in a wide range of versions. They can also be used in combination with solutions for filling barrels or containers. Whatever suits your project best.

Standard – Big Bag filling station

Individual filling systems for Big Bags etc.

Essential functions
and versions


The Big Bag is placed into a frame so that it is securely fixed in the filling position and the loops are over the hanging hooks. Frames need to be strong enough and stand firmly.

Our frames:

Made of normal or stainless steel

Modular in various construction heights

Square or rounded profile for hygiene areas

As a mobile version (with rollers) or anchored in the floor

Also with movable hanging hooks for easy loosening of Big Bag loops after the filling process.

Connecting systems

You can choose between two connecting systems:

Simple filling equipment

Our simplest version: A downpipe attached to the frame, with which the product feed is coupled. The big bag inlet is slipped over the lower end and fastened with a robust clamp.


Cost-effective and low-dust filling appliance

Fastening of the in-feed with strong clamping device or lifting collar

Optionally with aspiration fittings, dust removal filters or fill-level indicator

Manual operation with ergonomic manual fastener

Filling heads

Our filling heads are equipped with a special inflatable collar at the outlet, on which the Big Bag liner is fitted over. The Big Bag inlet is fastened securely to the filling head and sealed by inflating the collar.


Filling head with inflatable collar to secure and seal the Big Bag inlet

Vertically adjustable height

Swivel construction

Optional: dust removal filter, aspiration fittings of fill level indicator or trickle prevention.

Manual or pneumatic control

Filling aids

Our filling aids ensure that the product has the optimum distribution in the Big Bag after starting the filling process. Two things are important for this:

The Big Bag liner should be fully spread out and there should be no creases before starting the filling process.

The product should spread over the whole surface of the Big Bag when filling, with as low a material heap as possible.

Shaping equipment

For unfolding and shaping Big Bag liners compressed air is used before starting the product feed. Shaping the big Bag ensures that the whole Big Bag volume can be used efficiently and no volume is lost through creases or dead space.

Inflating with compressed air and ambient air

Use of the Venturi principle in the form of an air-flow amplifier– this saves compressed air.

Simple integration into SPS control systems

Vibration Tables

In the filling process, the Big Bag stands on a vibration table. An oscillator motor sets the support plate in high frequency vibration. The vibrations are transferred via the Big Bag to the product inside.

Level Indicators

If required, we integrate level indicators into the filling heads to monitor the level in the big bag during the filling process. In combination with the corresponding control, the filling can be almost completely automated.

Detailaufnahme von Befüllhilfen eines Big Bag Systems mit Verschraubung.

Weighing systems

Big Bags are often weighed when they are filled. In combination with a corresponding control system, parts of the process can be automated: When a predefined fill level is reached, the filling process is automatically stopped.

Optionally as a platform or U-frame

Visualization of the weighing process in the control system

Dust removal

You can choose between the following dust removal solutions:

Connection to an existing dust removal system via an aspiration fitting on the filling module,

Various suction and extrusion filters attached directly to the filling module, also available as a hygiene filter according to FDA or EC1935/2004.

Detailaufnahme eines Aspirationsstutzen, der am Befüllmodell angebracht ist

The Safety of our filling systems

Expedient combination of various concepts is important for safe operation:

Optimal stability of the base frame (mobile or anchored)

Safe deployment of the Big Bag: Well secured hanging hooks that can optionally be opened or closed pneumatically, or can be moved horizontally.

Intuitive, ergonomic and safe operating devices at critical points of the system resp. the connection of the liner to the filling module.

Safety guards with safety switches or sensors

Operator safety through containment

Control technology

Simple or complex – the following generally applies: A filling system must always be as fault-free, intuitive and safe to operate as possible.

The more complex the filling solution is, the more important is…

that the operator always maintains an overview of the process and

that operator error is ruled out, e.g., by automation or certain control mechanisms.

Engelsmann offers a comprehensive selection of control options: from a simple operating pendant to full automated programmable, control systems with a touchscreen.

Get your Engelsmann
Big Bag filling system station in 3 steps


We will listen, ask questions and make suggestions

We will analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product ensure the process safety in real operation.


Your machine emerges

Now the work of our design engineers starts. Your Big Bag system starts to take shape in close consultation. When you have approved it, our manufacturing team takes over.


It works.

You have received your Big Bag solution. Now our service team takes over and ensures the smooth commissioning at your location. Of course, they are also there for you during your ongoing operation.