Your filling gets done correctly
with Engelsmann systems!

Standard or bespoke special solutions for Big Bags, barrels and containers.

Comprehensive selection of components and modules, safe and intuitive in operation.

Consistently high-quality materials and workmanship– including purchased components too.

Hygiene package: From hygienic design in the construction to documentation for your qualification.

Just set up and get started? Or is it a little more complex?
We can do both!

Our efficient Big Bag filling solutions are available in a wide range of versions. They can also be used in combination with solutions for filling barrels or containers. Whatever suits the best to your project.

Standard – Big Bag filling station

Individual filling systems for Big Bags etc.

Essential functions
and versions


The Big Bag is placed into a frame so that it is securely fixed in the filling position and the loops are over the hanging hooks. Frames need to be strong enough and stand firmly.

Our frames:

Made of normal or stainless steel

Modular in various construction heights

Square or rounded profile for hygiene areas

As a mobile version (with rollers) or anchored in the floor

Also with movable hanging hooks for easy loosening of Big Bag loops after the filling process.

Get your Engelsmann
Big Bag filling system station in 3 steps


We will listen, ask questions and make suggestions

We will analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product ensure the process safety in real operation.


Your machine emerges

Now the work of our design engineers starts. Your Big Bag system starts to take shape in close consultation. When you have approved it, our manufacturing team takes over.


It works.

You have received your Big Bag solution. Now our service team takes over and ensures the smooth commissioning at your location. Of course, they are also there for you during your ongoing operation.