The company was looking for a plant solution for confined spaces which, in addition to a classification screening, would also allow the ready-to-sell product to be filled into different types of packages.

Since the client’s end customers are to be supplied with big bags or drums, depending on their needs, the filling plant had to be designed so that it could do both: Filling into drums or big bags.

Another challenge was the number of containers to be filled: a universal docking station was required for the simultaneous filling of four or five drums on a pallet or, alternatively, for the individual filling of big bags.

In addition, drums of different heights are used and the containers also have to be changed during the ongoing screening process. The system should also work with low dust levels so as not to affect the health of the operator. And it must fit perfectly into the confined space on site. All in all, a complex task with a wide range of requirements.

Drum filling

Big bag filling

The linear stroke screening machine JEL Freischwinger is used for the screening task. It is energy-efficient, gentle on the product and yet has a high throughput.

The JEL Freischwinger is used for coarse and fine screening of the granulate product. Only the medium grain spectrum between 1.5 – 4.0 mm is sold as good product.

The screened-out fines and oversize particles are removed from the process, pass through downpipes into collection containers below the screening machine and are thrown away. The core of the system, however, is the filling mechanism: A double rotary drive makes it possible to fill 4 or 5 drums standing on a pallet at the same time. For this purpose, the filling head in cranked design is equipped with two electric swivel drives that are independently driven and controlled. A fill level indicator signals when a drum is completely filled and it is the next drum’s turn.

Fill up to 5 drums or switch to big bag filling in a few easy steps – depending on your needs. And always low in dust.

In order to achieve the highest possible system availability, the change between each drum can be carried out during ongoing system operation thanks to a buffer container.

Combination system with classifying screening and 4 or 5-fold filling of drums or conversion to individual filling of big bags

Drums or big bags can be changed while the screening process is running

Classifying, filling and calibratable weighing of the ready-for-sale product with one system

Multifunctional system with low space requirement at the installation site due to compact design

Low downtimes due to easy accessibility for cleaning, set-up and maintenance work, low manpower requirement for operation

Turnkey solution from a single source for virtually dust-free operation

Simultaneous filling of 4 or five drums possible. To the left and right, connected via downpipes, are the collection containers for fines and oversized grains. It takes just a few simple steps to switch from filling drums to filling individual big bags.

Alternative: Efficient filling of big bags with inliners

Including blowing device, a dosing chute for controlling coarse and fine flow as well as a weighing unit for weighing into the ready-for-sale containers.

For big bag filling, the inlet spout is pulled over the filling pipe and the inflation collar is activated. A shaping device ensures complete filling of the empty big bag by expanding the inliner of the big bag with a blower before filling. The filling is initially carried out in a coarse flow. Shortly before the target weight is reached, the metering chute is switched to the fine flow. When the target weight is reached, the metering chute is stopped and the metering flap is closed to prevent the granules from trickling. The ready-for-sale units are weighed using a calibratable filling scale.

For virtually dust-free filling, all dust extraction nozzles are connected to a central dust extraction system, where dust and displaced air are removed via an on-site extraction system. Cleaning and maintenance of the system requires little effort. A high percentage of smooth surfaces makes the cleaning process easier. Since the system is modular and openly accessible, it can also be quickly dismantled and maintained.

The operation of the system is fully automated and easy to operate via a control unit (PLC S7). The menu navigation is clear and is supported by visualisations. An interface is provided for communication with the higher-level DCS. Due to the high degree of automation, the entire system can be operated by only one person.

Turnkey | made by Engelsmann:
From engineering, manufacturing and turnkey delivery to assembly and training of the operating personnel – everything from a single source.

The cooperation with one responsible contact person for planning, implementation and installation saved the customer a lot of coordination effort and valuable time. Just four months after receipt of the order, the multifunctional system is put into operation.

The 8.60-metre-long, 3.60-metre-wide and 5.60-metre-high system (incl. screening machine) is precisely tailored to the confined space conditions on site. When designing the individual plant sections, attention was always paid to the smallest possible space requirement and simple handling. For example, there is no need for additional transport systems to bring in the containers. Lifting devices for removing the filled packs are not required. Regardless of whether they are drums or individual big bags to be filled, the units can be positioned easily on a pallet under the filling mechanism using a forklift truck.

Thanks to the possibility of use for drum and big bag filling as well as the flexible use for units in different designs (different drum heights or big bag outlets), the manufacturer of the plastic granulate is able to serve its customers even better since the start-up of the system and is able to tap into new customer groups now.

Components of the system at a glance

Linear stroke screening machine JEL Freischwinger

Filling stations for fine and oversized grains

Reservoir (500 L of oversize material)

Dosing chute and dosing flap

Control system

Filling scale for drums and big bags