JEL Barrel filling systems

When filling drums, the following applies: as space-saving as possible, as fast as possible and… safe!

Drum filling systems essentially consist of a stable base frame and a filling stand with barrel support lid and filling head, which is connected to the product feed tube via a flexible cuff.

Engelsmann barrel-filling solutions are constructed either as stand-alone stations or integrated as a process element in production facilities. Up to 5 barrels standing together on a pallet can be filled in sequence.

The filling process can be combined with other functions such as weighing, fill level measurement, metal separation or protective screening.

All filling systems are simple, intuitive and safe to operate. We also supply adapted solutions for particularly dusty products or plant areas with an explosion hazard.

Highlights of the JEL Barrel filling systems

Low space requirement even with multiple barrels

Pneumatically movable filler head

Support plate with additional equipment like fill level indicator

Filler head for multiple filling on rotating bearing

Integrated dust removal filter

Roller tracks for automatic transport of the barrels

Complex, individual filling solutions

It is that easy for us to provide you with optimal filing technology:
Get your JEL Barrel filling system in 3 steps


Wir hören zu, stellen Fragen und machen Vorschläge.We listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

Wir analysieren Ihr Problem ganz genau und zeigen Lösungsmöglichkeiten. Versuche im Technikum mit Ihrem Originalprodukt geben Verfahrenssicherheit.We analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot plant with your original product provide process reliability.


Ihre Engelsmann-Lösung entstehtYour Engelsmann solution is developed

Jetzt beginnt die Arbeit unserer Konstrukteure. In Abstimmung mit Ihnen nimmt die Maschine oder Anlage Gestalt an. Nach der Freigabe durch Sie übernimmt dann unser Fertigungsteam.Now the work of our design engineers begins. In coordination with you, the machine or plant takes shape. After your approval, our production team takes over.


Läuft.It works.

Ihr Engelsmann-Equipment ist fertig. Bei Bedarf sorgt unser Serviceteam für eine reibungslose Integration und Inbetriebnahme. Und ist auch im Anschluss für Sie da.Your Engelsmann equipment is ready. If required, our service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. And is also there for you afterwards.