Container mixer JEL CM

Gentle mixing. Homogenization. Dyeing powders and granulates. Dissolve solids in liquid. Polish metal and plastic parts. Move sluggish media without changing the structure. Clean containers. The JEL CM container mixer is a jack of all trades.

The JEL CM uses the principle of free-fall mixing to achieve homogeneous mixing of all ingredients – even with variable proportions and very small quantities. It is user-friendly, safe and works particularly gently.

The container mixer consists of a sturdy support system with rotating shaft, receptor fork and frame for the container. The drive motor is housed in the interior of the support frame. The JEL CM can be built for manual or automatic operation.

Changing between different mixes is done quickly. Without significant changeover and downtime (e.g. for cleaning), the next container can simply be clamped and production can continue.

Transport systems with roller tracks are available for automatic feed and discharge. With protective guard if required. Ask about our systems for emptying containers as well.

Highlights of the JEL CM

Simple change of the mixing container

Strongly built

Fully automatic control

Intensive mixing effect

Safe operation


Features of the JEL CM

Optionally manual or automatic operation

Control of mixing time and intensity or rotational speed for each formulation

Adjustment of the mixing task/formulation with different possible settings

Container mixer can be supplied with safety guard

Roller tracks for automatic feed and discharge of the container

GMP version

ATEX construction available

Method of operation of the JEL CM

The container filled with material to be mixed is placed in the receptor forks of the JEL CM by fork-lift truck, and secured. It is placed in the holder socket of the frame so that its side walls are aligned obliquely to the axle of rotation of the receptor forks.

For safety reasons, the mixing process can only be started when the operator has left the rotation area of the container. The motor sets the receptor forks into a horizontal rotation.

A tumbling mixing movement arises in connection with the oblique positioning of the container. The mixing effect is based on the interaction between inertia and frictional forces. The particles of the substance being mixed are raised and then fall or slide back into the mix.

When the mixing process has ended, the container is disconnected and removed.

Advantages of the JEL CM

Intensive yet gentle mixing effect

Homogeneous mixing results, even with different ratios of additives or active ingredients

Container mixer for frequent product change- The hopper container is also the mixing container

Emptying with virtually no residue

Automatic feed and discharge possible

Mixing containers easy to change and clean

The next container can be attached without any cleaning

It’s that easy for us to supply you with productive mixing technology
Get your JEL CM container mixer in 3 steps


Wir hören zu, stellen Fragen und machen Vorschläge.We listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

Wir analysieren Ihr Problem ganz genau und zeigen Lösungsmöglichkeiten. Versuche im Technikum mit Ihrem Originalprodukt geben Verfahrenssicherheit.We analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot plant with your original product provide process reliability.


Ihre Engelsmann-Lösung entstehtYour Engelsmann solution is developed

Jetzt beginnt die Arbeit unserer Konstrukteure. In Abstimmung mit Ihnen nimmt die Maschine oder Anlage Gestalt an. Nach der Freigabe durch Sie übernimmt dann unser Fertigungsteam.Now the work of our design engineers begins. In coordination with you, the machine or plant takes shape. After your approval, our production team takes over.


Läuft.It works.

Ihr Engelsmann-Equipment ist fertig. Bei Bedarf sorgt unser Serviceteam für eine reibungslose Integration und Inbetriebnahme. Und ist auch im Anschluss für Sie da.Your Engelsmann equipment is ready. If required, our service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. And is also there for you afterwards.