Drum Hoop Mixer JEL RRM

The JEL RRM is ideal if the proportions to be mixed vary greatly in terms of quantity or particle size, or if only very small quantities have to be mixed in. It is low-maintenance, energy-saving and easy to handle.

Drum hoop mixers have a space-saving design. They can be completely disassembled and easily cleaned. Matching safety guards provide greater safety.

The JEL RRM consists of a drum hoop frame with a diagonally fitted drum support. The drum is held here and strapped in with belts or plastic bandages.

The under-frame of the mixer has guide rollers to receive the drum hoop frame, a motor and a control unit. It is available in different sizes and constructions, each with a matching mixing drum.

Highlights JEL RRM

Simple handling

Can be operated without tools

Optional: Mixer insert with wiper bars

Various barrel sizes

Special constructions on request

Various safety guards

Features of the JEL RRM

Mixer container with capacity from 50l to 300l

Can be supplemented with a three-bladed mixer insert to optimize mixing intensity

Optionally with variable rotational speed

Various safety guards available

Also as construction for use in hygiene sensitive areas compliant with FDA, EC 1935/2004 and GMP standards

Can also be supplied in ATEX construction

Special constructions on request

Method of operation of the JEL RRM

The mixer drum is placed in the bracket for the drum hoop and secured. The frame, together with the drum, can now be easily rolled into the mixer via the ground-level ramp. When it is started, a shaft starts to move and turns the drum hoop frame horizontally in guide rollers.

A tumbling mixing motion arises from the inclined position of the mixer drum in the frame and the rotation. The gravity and frictional forces lift the particles of the material being mixed. Then they fall or slide back into the mix, depending on the slope angle.

This results in an intensive mixing of all components. For greater flexibility in adjusting to the product and mixing intensity, the JEL RRM can be supplied in a version with variable rotational speed or additional mixer inserts.

Advantages of the JEL RRM

Intensive mixing effect- even with variable quantity ratios

Well-suited to smaller, frequently changing material quantities

Simple change of the mixing container without cleaning work on the mixer

Special constructions: Adaptation to existing drum sizes, several drums in one aero-wheel with special mixer container or as mobile version with rollers

Dust-free operation due to closed container

Tool-free operation, low-maintenance construction, few consumable parts

The drum hoop frame can be used as a transport roller for short distances

Special hygienic design version for high hygiene requirements

It’s that easy for us to provide you with productive mixing technology
Get your JEL RRM drum hoop mixer in 3 steps


Wir hören zu, stellen Fragen und machen Vorschläge.We listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

Wir analysieren Ihr Problem ganz genau und zeigen Lösungsmöglichkeiten. Versuche im Technikum mit Ihrem Originalprodukt geben Verfahrenssicherheit.We analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot plant with your original product provide process reliability.


Ihre Engelsmann-Lösung entstehtYour Engelsmann solution is developed

Jetzt beginnt die Arbeit unserer Konstrukteure. In Abstimmung mit Ihnen nimmt die Maschine oder Anlage Gestalt an. Nach der Freigabe durch Sie übernimmt dann unser Fertigungsteam.Now the work of our design engineers begins. In coordination with you, the machine or plant takes shape. After your approval, our production team takes over.


Läuft.It works.

Ihr Engelsmann-Equipment ist fertig. Bei Bedarf sorgt unser Serviceteam für eine reibungslose Integration und Inbetriebnahme. Und ist auch im Anschluss für Sie da.Your Engelsmann equipment is ready. If required, our service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. And is also there for you afterwards.