Efficient Big Bag emptying with

Comprehensive range of components and modules, intuitive in operation.

Standard or special solutions that match exactly with your plant environment.

High-quality materials and workmanship – for own and purchased components too.

Hygiene package: From hygienic design in construction to documentation for your qualification.

We cover
the whole range!

Do you have a simple emptying task?
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Simple emptying stations

Individual emptying systems

Construction of Big Bag
emptying stations

Lots of components – only one aim:
Safe, fast and residue-free emptying of your Big Bags

A Big Bag emptying station essentially consists of the following core components:

  • 1Base frame
  • 2Feed solution
  • 3Big Bag connection systems
  • 4Emptying aids
  • 5Product preparation
  • 6Conveying
  • 7Control
  • 8Safety guards

Essential functions
and versions


Base frames must be designed stably so that they have the load capacity to carry the Big Bags and the components attached. Our frame versions:

Normal or stainless steel

Modular in various heights

Square or round profiles for hygienic zones

JEL SafeConnect: The adapter for
different outlet lengths!

Do you have to handle Big Bags with outlets in different lengths and do you look for a flexible, compact attachment system?

JEL SafeConnect is for connection of Big Bags with different outlet lengths in a simple and safe way. The very low construction height allows to implement it even in existing systems.

Dust-proof Big Bag emptying

Very low construction height

For Big Bag outlets with different diameters and lengths

Pneumatic seal or mechanical closing

Simple and user-friendly handling

Very compact– easy to integrate into emptying frames

Special sizes are also possible!

Emptying aids

Materials with unfavorable flow properties often can not be emptied without aids. The most common problems when emptying these products out of Big Bags are the formation of bridges or tunnels and the clumping of the product.

Free flowing

The product in the Big Bag has very good flow characteristics. It can be completely emptied without any problems and without additional aids.

Bridge formation

The product compacts directly above the Big Bag outlet and forms a bridge that prevents the material from flowing through the outlet.

Tunnel formation

Caking material sticks to the sides of the Big Bag and builds up a narrow tunnel inside. The product can flow out of the Big Bag  through this tunnel only.


The materials solidifies in the Big Bag while storage – sometimes so massively that only large clumps remain, that cannot be emptied or processed. In extreme cases, a single, so-called “monoblock” forms.

Emptying aids can also impact from outside the Big Bag and ensure a continual flow of material during the emptying process even when the products have poor flow properties. Engelsmann emptying aids work either with the physical energy of rockers or with vibration. In each case, the energy generated from outside is transferred via the Big Bag to the product that is stored inside.

Get you Big Bag Emptying Solution
in 3 steps


We will listen, ask questions and make suggestions

We will analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product ensure process security in real operation.


Your machine

The work of our designers now begins. Your Big Bag solution takes place in close consultation with you. After you have approved it, our manufacturing team takes over.


It works.

You have received your Big Bag solution. Now our service team takes over and ensures the smooth commissioning at your location. Of course, they are also there for you during your ongoing operation.