Rotary valve JEL ZRS

For dosing from silos, bunkers, containers or Big Bag systems. Or for feeding into mixers, dryers, mills: Engelsmann rotary valves are versatile aids – even in areas with explosion risk.

The JEL ZRS rotary valves can be supplied as discharge sluices or blow-through sluices for pneumatic conveying.

Versions with different materials, cell wheels with different numbers and volumes of chambers, additional wiper bars and more are available to adapt to the individual product, the dosing task and the production environment.

The JEL ZRS can be used a safety system in areas with a risk of explosion. It prevents any sparks passing in the reverse direction.

The cell wheel is removable and easy to clean. The removal aid can also be retro-fitted.

Highlights of the Rotary valve JEL ZRS

Discharge sluice

Version for compressed air and suction conveying

Removable cell-wheel

Wiper bars made of different materials


Drei parallele Brecherwellen mit angeschweißten Zacken für Verwendung im Hygienic Bereich


Features of the Rotary valve JEL ZRS

Cell wheel with 8 or 12 chambers

Chamber construction bespoke to application

Pressure-surge resistant versions

Optional: High temperature construction up to approx 600 °C

Product specific seal versions and modifications possible (e.g. wiper bars)

ATEX-construction can be supplied

Method of operation of the Rotary valve JEL ZRS

The product is fed into the rotary valve via an inlet. The material falls into the rotating impeller with chambers via the inlet opening. These take up material and convey it further in small partial quantities.

Once the outlet opening on the opposite side from the inlet is reached, the product falls out of the cell wheel in doses and can be transported away e.g. with pneumatic conveying systems.

The conveying power of the cell-wheel sluice is controlled by the number and volume of the individual chambers and the rotational speed of the rotor. The JEL ZRS is correspondingly available in various sizes, materials and constructions.

Advantages of the Rotary valve JEL ZRS

ATEX-construction available

Cell-wheel sluice also available as protective system

Fast parts exchange due to simple disassembly

Pressure-surge resistant

High temperature construction up to approx. 600 °C available

Product specific seal versions and modifications possible

It is that easy for us to provide you with precise dosing technology
Get your JEL ZRS Rotary valve in 3 steps.


Wir hören zu, stellen Fragen und machen Vorschläge.We listen, ask questions and make suggestions.

Wir analysieren Ihr Problem ganz genau und zeigen Lösungsmöglichkeiten. Versuche im Technikum mit Ihrem Originalprodukt geben Verfahrenssicherheit.We analyze your problem in detail and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot plant with your original product provide process reliability.


Ihre Engelsmann-Lösung entstehtYour Engelsmann solution is developed

Jetzt beginnt die Arbeit unserer Konstrukteure. In Abstimmung mit Ihnen nimmt die Maschine oder Anlage Gestalt an. Nach der Freigabe durch Sie übernimmt dann unser Fertigungsteam.Now the work of our design engineers begins. In coordination with you, the machine or plant takes shape. After your approval, our production team takes over.


Läuft.It works.

Ihr Engelsmann-Equipment ist fertig. Bei Bedarf sorgt unser Serviceteam für eine reibungslose Integration und Inbetriebnahme. Und ist auch im Anschluss für Sie da.Your Engelsmann equipment is ready. If required, our service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. And is also there for you afterwards.