We make sure that
it all goes smoothly!

The primary goal of our service team is to provide you with optimal support during the operation of your machine or system. We advise you on maintenance and carry out maintenance measures early and reliably. And of course we go the extra mile when a spare part is urgently needed.

Our sieve covering service and pilot station tests are further elements for your process security and guarantee good production results.

Sieve insert covering

  • Our own sieve insert production
  • Standard-compliant measurement and
    test procedure
  • Best sieving results

We produce sieve inserts, sieve cylinders, sieve drums and half-shells by ourselves. Or we re-cover them for you.

The decisive factor for a consistently good screening result is a mesh that conforms to the standards. Even slight deviations from the tolerances have a negative effect on the screening performance. However, it is not sufficient to use pre-tested and qualified mesh fabric for the sieve insert covering. It is important to cover the sieve inserts in such a way that the meshes do not warp. This requires a sure instinct and a lot of experience.

Standard-compliant measurement process for optimal sieving results
Engelsmann uses a process for checking the entire sieve insert after covering. On request, corresponding test records can be supplied. The measurement process is applicable in standard test procedures according to DIN ISO 9044 (for the analysis of industrial wire meshes) and DIN ISO 3310-1 (as test procedure with analysis sieves with wire meshes).

  • Top quality professional sieve inserts covering
  • Short delivery times
  • Special discounts for long-term contracts
  • Test records for your documentation package

Any questions?
We will advise you comprehensively in all questions of sieve inserts covering.

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We come to you!

  • Professional advice
    in advance
  • Trained, reliable
  • Minimal
    system down times

Individuality is also relevant in servicing. We will provide detailed service schedules for your machine or system which specify the work to be done and the service intervals precisely.

The aim is to detect signs of wear at an early stage in order to prevent expensive repairs and avoidable downtime. This makes the operation of your Engelsmann machine a calculable factor and simplifies budget planning. If required, the warranty periods can also be extended with the conclusion of a maintenance contract.

How service contracts benefit you:

  • Fixed price over the whole contract period (no surcharges)
  • Preferential date agreements for service contact clients
  • Reduced hourly rate charged for additional work
  • Use of specially trained personnel for all servicing work
  • Service reports about the entire condition of the machine or system being serviced

Any questions?
We will advise you comprehensively about any servicing issues.

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Marcel Bartl
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Spare parts & Repairs

Fast and reliable!

  • Trained consultancy
  • Short delivery times for
    replacement parts
  • Fast and
    competent repairs

To ensure that your Engelsmann equipment produces reliably and with the least possible downtime, we recommend the use of original spare parts for repairs.

Regardless of whether these are purchased spare parts or manufactured in house, all replacement parts undergo a strict quality check before they are installed.

Scope of services:

  • Acceptance of repair with cost estimate
  • Assessment on site
  • If needed: repair on site, incl. fitting and commissioning

Any questions?
We will advise you comprehensively about any replacement parts and repairs issues.

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Tests in the Pilot Station

Process security through product analysis and process simulations

  • Professional
    test planning
  • Large selection of
  • Clear documentation
    of the test results

Test on a small scale so that it fits on a large scale!

In mechanical process engineering, even virtually identical products behave differently during processing. Tests in our technical centre provide additional safety here. They serve to qualify the bulk solids processes and help with the optimal composition of the process technology.

Individual parameters are optimized in scaled down machines or systems. Afterwards the results can be scaled up for real operation.

A wide range of sieving machines and Big Bag systems with corresponding dosing or filling units is available for your tests. If required, we can determine the properties of your product. This underpins our designs and enables simulations of process technological applications close to real practice. We will be pleased to carry out tests together with you in our pilot station.

Any questions?
I will advise you comprehensively in all questions regarding tests in our pilot station.

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Tests in our Pilot Station

Sören Barthel
Leiter Technikum
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Machinery rental

Test a single machine in advance? Short-term replacement needed?
Or do you need a machine for a special project on a temporary basis only?

  • Wide selection of
    rental machines and accessories
  • Advice for the selection of
    the appropriate technology
  • Available at short notice, support
    with set-up and operation

Do you just need a sieve or a crushing machine or additional equipment for a certain time? No problem with our rental service.

You can use a machine from our technical centre for a fixed period of time in your production and thus saves investment and maintenance costs. Costs are only incurred for the duration of the use of your rental machine. The advantages are obvious:

  • For new acquisitions, you can bridge the period until delivery of the new machine and so start production earlier.
  • When a machine becomes unserviceable, you can avoid breaks in production while it is repaired by using a hired machine.
  • You can test new machine types on site in your production environment.
  • You can rent machines for a time-limited project.
  • All machines in our pilot center are serviced and ready for use.

Any questions?
I will advise you comprehensively on any questions regarding our rental machines.

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Sören Barthel
Leiter Technikum
+49 (0)621-59002-43