Big Bag Handling
in Containment Zones

JEL SmartCon stands for highest safety for operators and products – up to OEB 4

Filling, emptying and Big Bag change without breaking the containment

High degree of automation

Intuitive operation– clearly visualized on the touch screen control

Various safety features like pressure testing of the Big Bag liner

Emptying or filling at high frequency – even under containment conditions

Containment solutions | made by Engelsmann
Why settle for less?

Our Containment
filling and emptying systems

JEL SmartCon BS

Big Bag – Filling in containment environments

Nahaufnahme des Eingreifstutzens

JEL SmartCon ES

Big Bag – Emptying in Containment Environments

Containment solutions | made by Engelsmann
Fill or empty Big Bags up to OEB 4!

Containment: A Must for toxic
and highly active substances

The EG 1907/2006 guideline, or “REACH“ (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) requires that chemical materials (primarily toxic and highly active ones) are registered and evaluated before they can be placed in circulation.

Products are assigned at evaluation to certain hazard classes (OEB – Occupational Exposure Band) which regulates the maximum amount of product particles permitted in the system atmosphere during operation.

Example: For a substance in the category OEB 4, the maximum substance exposure for an employee on an 8-hour shift may only be between 1 and 10 µg per m3. Adherence to these limiting values is achieved primarily by special containment equipment.

Containment systems are constructively and functionally more complex and a little more complicated to operate. However, they offer a considerable higher level of sealing or more effective protection against particle emission.

Though, containment solutions do not just protect the system operator. They also prevent cross-contamination and are an important safety anchor in respect of the purity of products too.

Containment for your Big Bag Handling.
Do you need further details?

3 steps to your
Containment solution


We listen, ask questions
and make suggestions

We analyze your problem and show possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product provide procedure security.


Your containment system

Now our designer’s work begins. Your containment solution takes shape in consultation with them. After your approval, the manufacturing team then takes over.


It works.

Your Containment solution is ready. Now our service team takes over and ensures the smooth commissioning at your location. Of course, they are also there for you during your ongoing operation.