JEL SmartCon BS

Containment and easy operation is not a contradiction! We will show you how you can fill your Big Bags safely and with high frequency even in containment areas.

Big Bags with a liner are filled simply and safely under containment conditions up to OEB 4 with the JEL SmartCon BS connection system for Big Bags.

Due to the high degree of automation, the system for filling Big Bags is very easy to operate. Incorrect use and any resulting breach of the containment is prevented reliably .

JEL SmartCon BS impresses with an all-through hygienic design and a range of safety features – like the integrated pressure checking for Big Bag inliners before the filling process can be started.

Highlights of the JEL SmartCon BS

Easy to operate

All-through containment

Extra safe: Pressure check of the inliner

Intuitive control design

Incorrect operation prevented: 2-handed operation

Hygienic Design: minimal product set-down surfaces

Get your
JEL SmartCon BS filling system in 3 steps


We listen, ask questions and make suggestions

We analyze your problems and show possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original products provide process safety.


Your solution

Our constructors’ work now starts. Your filling solution takes shape in consultation with you. After your approval, our production team takes over.


It works.

Your filling solution is ready. Our Service team will ensure smooth integration and commissioning. They will then be there for you at any time.