Protective Screening

Simple components – important safety anchor!

Foreign bodies and impurities can enter the production process in many ways and cause trouble. Contaminated intermediate and end products lead to customer complaints, recalls and image damage. In the worst case, they endanger the health of consumers.

Foreign bodies are also a real problem in the production process itself. Metal parts that have unintentionally entered the product can damage sensitive production equipment. Expensive repairs and production downtimes are the result.

Protective screening machines separate these unwanted components and thus protect both the product and the process. They also ensure that raw materials, intermediate and end products are of a consistently high quality – by checking for uniform grain size (control screening).

Sieving machines | made by Engelsmann
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Our sieving machines for
protective and control sieving

Containment-Sieb JEL Konti 2 CTM vor transparentem Hintergrund

JEL Konti II CTM (Containment)

Versatile and high-performance vibrating screen in applications with containment up to OEB 4.

JEL EasyVib

Economic, reliable tensioned sieve for simple sieving tasks


For versatile screening tasks. With low construction height – stationary or mobile on a chassis.

JEL VibSpeed

Simple re-tooling from one to two sieving decks.


Round vibration screening machine with up to 5 sieve decks- for many products and sieving tasks

JEL Konti II

Intelligent sieve change and easy to clean. Our classic.

Protective Screening | by Engelsmann
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What is important for a
protective screening machine?

Reliability – If the protective screen fails, this leads to plant downtimes and loss of production. Important are therefore:

robustly built, durable screening machines,

in low-maintenance construction and

with only few consumable parts.

Intuitive operation – the operator must be able to use the protective screen easily, intuitively and safely.

Exclude operating errors

Fastest possible sieve insert change and short cleaning time

Throughput performance – A safety sieve must never be the bottleneck of your system.

Even at high production peaks, the screen must be able to reliably protect your product with the required throughput.

This must be possible in batch operation as well as in continuous production.

Sieving machines | made by Engelsmann
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Protective Screening

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We analyze your problem and show you possible solutions. Tests in the pilot station with your original product provide process security.


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It works.

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