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Durch eine gummierte Öffnung dringt Licht in das innere eine mit Feuchtigkeit benetzen Maschine und beleuchtet mehrere Verbindungsmetallstreben.

Clean screening process thanks to the CiP method: A look inside the machine

Discover the CiP cleaning process from a different perspective: Watch our video and see it integrated into the vibration screening machine JEL Konti II.

Strainer for dissolving agglomerates in PVC powder

When processing plastic powders, agglomerates are often formed during drying processes. How, with the integration of the JEL PS passing sieve, the powder is now transferred lump-free to the next process step – you can find out here.

Ein umgedrehter BigBag wird entleert

Trends in Bulk Materials Technology: Optimal Emptying of Big Bags

Not every bulk material can be discharged from its container without difficulty. This can quickly become a challenge. Engelsmann product developer Viktor Quindt gives tips for efficient and residue-free discharge and an outlook on developments in the coming years.

Mischbehälter aus Edelstahl im Rhönradgestell des JEL RRM, das von einer Schutzumwehrung aus Glas umgeben ist.

Drum hoop mixer for hygienic production processes

With free-fall mixers, the mixing effect is created by setting the entire mixing vessel in motion – usually by rotating or tumbling. Constructed according to hygienic design criteria, the JEL RRM can also be used in hygiene-sensitive industries.

Frontalaufnahme des kegelförmigen, staubdichten Abfülltrichters inklusive der linksstehenden Bedieneinheit der großen Befüllstation "Hero"

Mobile filling station for large and small containers

A manufacturer of plastic granules kept receiving inquiries about smaller product quantities. However, setting up a separate production line with small-bag filling was not worth the effort. Today, new customers are being won with a mobile filling system that can also complement existing big bag filling stations.

Aufnahme von zwei Reihen geschlossener JEL TWS Tankwagensieben.

Protective screening when emptying tanker trucks

In order not to contaminate individual product batches and production plants during the processing of delivered PVC powders into high-quality plastic profiles, a plastics producer requires an upstream protective screen that removes foreign bodies before silo filling – the JEL TWS tanker screen.

Frontalansicht auf eine Big Bag Entleersmaschine für Laktose

Multifunctional big bag emptying in hygienic productions

Multifunction station for emptying lactose from big bags. With integrated protective screening.

Big Bag Entleergestell mit Kranbahn und nach oben rechts führende Förderschnecke. Ein Big Bag ist eingehängt.

Intelligent plant engineering: flexible emptying and conveying

Whether for chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food or animal feed: a globally active contract packer doses, fills and packs across all industries. The new system for big bag emptying with matching conveyor technology should therefore be adaptable to a wide range of products and take up little space.

Klumpiges, weißes Pulver in einer Schippe

Problems with agglomerates in the product can be solved well!

You know the situation: when working with bulk material, agglomerates and lumps are not uncommon. We have compiled a list of screening and crushing machines that can help in such cases. Always with the product in mind, because that’s what matters.

Rectangular screening machine for the food and pharmaceutical industry

Besides round sieves, rectangular screening machines can also be used in plants with the highest hygiene requirements – as long as they are constructed according to the basic principles of hygienic design. If this is the case, they even offer interesting advantages over their round relatives.

Production plant for economical screening of fine fractions

The practical example with the JEL EasyVib describes how screening machines can be used to achieve optimum dedusting of animal feed pellets and which aspects plant operators must consider when selecting a suitable screening process.

Cocoa screening machine with power by Engelsmann

Cocoa as a raw material is demanding, especially when oils and fats escape during processing. This also puts the screening technology used to the test. Read here how the JEL Viro proves itself here.

Nusssplitter liegen auf Siebmaschen

Industrial sieves for the production of fatty sweets

Sieving nuts: In addition to a screening process that is gentle on the product without affecting quality and consistency, the screening machine must also manage the required production volume. The special buffering system of the JEL Freischwinger efficiently prevents the formation of plugged-in grains.

Container mixers for the food industry

Coffee products, functional foods, snacks, but also baby food and personal care: as an important process step in production, bulk goods such as milk powder, sugar and other products are processed into homogeneous mixtures by this customer. Ideally suited for this: the JEL CM container mixer.

Emptying big bags safely under containment conditions

Containment systems for big bag emptying include single-use or disposable film systems. What level of safety do these systems offer? Where are critical points in the maintenance of the containment? And what demands are made on the operating personnel? You can find out here.

Separation of coarse and fine grain before tea filling

Various types of tea are to be freed from small dust particles and breakage as well as from larger foreign bodies before packaging – and this as gently as possible. Find out how we solved the task with the JEL Freischwinger linear stroke screening machine in this project example.

Detailaufnahme von pinken und blauen Granulatkörnern sowie einer Schraube, die über einen Siebenleger springen

This is why you should not do without protective sieves

Protective screenings are one of the most common screening processes in industrial manufacturing processes. Why this process step is so enormously important and what makes good protective screening machine, we have compiled for you here.