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JEL Freischwinger

Long-stroke screening machine

JEL Freischwinger

High selectivity

JEL Freischwinger

Various sieve cleaning systems

JEL Freischwinger

Low energy requirements

JEL Freischwinger

Low dynamic loads

JEL Freischwinger

Exact and economical screening process

JEL Freischwinger

Easy switching of sieves

JEL Freischwinger

Adjustable sieve inclination

JEL Freischwinger

Easy maintenance

JEL Freischwinger

Screen insert storage cabinet

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JEL Freischwinger

The JEL Freischwinger screening machine is an industrial sieve with a wide range of applications thanks to its precise and economical operation as well as its high specific throughput capacity. The grading sieving machine has a grain size range of 40 μm to 20 mm.


The screening process is continuous. The industriel sieves from the JEL Freischwinger model line run quietly and dust-free. The continuous drive ensures a horizontal sieve movement based on the principle of exact mass balancing. Separation of bulk solids is carried out fine to coarse.

The industrial screening machine can be set up with a vibration amplitude of 15-60 mm according to the product. The adjustable sieve inclination of 1 – 3° allows the screening machine to be adjusted to individual product and screening requirements (inclination angle of 0 – 8° available upon request).

Range of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Food industry
  • Similar industries

Screening applications

  • Protective screening
  • Coarse/Oversize grain screening
  • Grading
  • Fine screening

Bulk solids

  • Grains
  • Powder
  • Fine powder
  • Grease
  • Granules


  • Stainless steel material (parts that are in contact with the product)
  • Industrial sieves from the JEL Freischwinger model available as single and double decker
  • Adjustable rotation speed possible
  • Various sieve cleaning systems (spherical, triangular and ultrasound)
  • Available in single decker model with mobile assembly trolley
  • Gas-tight model
  • Industrial sieves from the JEL Freischwinger model also available as ATEX version
  • Also available as granulate and impact system screening machine

Convincing facts

  •  Exact and economical screening
  •  High selectivity for classification (up to 99%)
  •  Quick and easy replacing of sieves (4 min. for 4 m² sieve surface)
  •  Quiet running (75-78 dB (A))
  •  2 - 10 fractions for just one sieve deck
  •  Low energy requirement (e.g. 0.75 KW for 1,5 m² sieve surface)
  •  Short downtimes thanks to fast cleaning
  •  Industrial Sieves with very low dynamic forces
Screening Technology Moritz Meier

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Screening Technology

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Product video

Machine features

The structure of the industrial sieve JEL Freischwinger is based on a compact modular design.
Hohe Trennschärfe
High selectivity
Verschiedene Siebabreinigungssyteme
Various sieve cleaning systems
Geringer Energiebedarf
Low energy requirements
Geringe dynamische Lasten
Low dynamic loads
Exaktes und schonendes Siebverfahren
Exact and economical screening process
Einfacher Siebwechsel
Easy switching of sieves
Einstellbare Siebneigung
Adjustable sieve inclination
Einfache Wartung
Easy maintenance

2020 efficiency program results
in cost advantages

Efficiency-enhancing measures along our value chain have enabled us to reduce the manufacturing costs for our most requested vibration screening machines.

Find out how you can benefit from this here.