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The Cleaning in Place system, originally developed for the food and dairy industry, has now found its way into a wide range of industries. It is not only the pharmaceutical industry, where validated cleaning processes are a major issue, that benefits from the advantages of the CiP system. CiP plant design is also being used more and more frequently in the chemical industry.
To no surprise, because the cleaning system offers a number of advantages:

  • The equipment can be cleaned directly at the operating site without dismantling, therefore CiP systems offer great time savings compared to manual cleaning.
  • Dead spaces that are difficult to reach with manual cleaning techniques can easily be captured with the pipework system of CiP cleaning.
  • The cleaning quality remains consistently high and is reproducible.
  • Employees are protected as they are not exposed to any chemicals from cleaning agents.

In the bulk solids processing industry, the CiP system is particularly used in screening technology. Most Engelsmann screening machines can therefore be engineered as CiP variants, if requested.
In this video, we show you an automated CiP cleaning system from a different perspective using the example of a JEL Konti II vibrating screening machine. Enjoy watching.