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Screening machines for straining

Straining involves pressing the product through the material of the sieve without being able to discharge undersized and oversized particles through a separate out-flow port.

Agglomerates created during the production process are completely dissolved or destroyed using mechanical force (different from deagglomeration). These agglomerates either disturb subsequent parts of the production process or should not make it to the final ready-for-sale product.

The straining sieve JEL Viro has been specially designed to strain as well as deagglomerate bulk solids that are difficult to pour and screen.
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The straining sieve JEL Palafix is used to loosen, de-dust or strain bulk solids containing powder and granules.
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The straining sieve JEL PS is suitable for pressing through product that is free of oversized particles as well as for the deagglomeration of normally pourable bulk solids.
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