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JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Industrial sieve

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

100% selectivity

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Sieve inserts in quick-change model

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Residue-free cleaning when changing granules

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Effective sieve cleaning system

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Energy-saving continuous drive

JEL Freischwinger Granulat

Low dynamic loads

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JEL Freischwinger for granules

The Jel Freischwinger for granules is an industrial sieve that has been designed especially for the use of removing excess length from all common plastic granules. Layered sieve inserts allow for multiple screening of the granules and thus guarantee a screening free from outsizes and multiples. The industrial sieve is equipped with up to five sieve decks.


The sieves on the granule screening machine can be replaced with ease and the specialized industrial screener can be modified for other granule colors. A guide plate at the inlet and an adjustable distributor unit mean an optimum distribution of granules on the first screen surface. The ball cleaning system used in the granule screening machine ensures that the sieve lining is not clogged with material and remains permeable. Thanks to the easy access to sieve inserts and their easy disassembly, residue in the machine can be easily cleaned away.

Range of application

  • Plastic industry

Screening applications

  • Industrial sieve for coarse screening

Bulk solids

  • Granules


  • Available optionally without sealing (thus no sealing material wear)
  • Industrial screener also available with viewing window
  • Optional sieve cleaning system available
  • Industrial sieve also available as ATEX model
  • Adjustable rotation speed possible
  • Available in 1 to 5 decker model

Convincing facts

  •  100% selectivity between product and outsize and multiples
  •  Easy replacing of sieves when modifying for other granule colors
  •  Quick and residue-free cleaning
  •  Low drive power with regards to the sieve surface
  •  Industrial sieve with very low dynamic force
  •  Efficient sieve cleaning to avoid screening blockages
  •  Standardized sieve insert systems
Screening Technology Moritz Meier

Moritz Meier
Screening Technology

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Machine features

The structure of the industrial sieve JEL Freischwinger for granules is based on a modular component design.
100% Trennschärfe
100% selectivity
Siebeinleger in Schnellwechsel Ausführung
Sieve inserts in quick-change model
Rückstandslose Reinigung bei Granulatwechsel
Residue-free cleaning when changing granules
Effektives Siebabreinigungssystem
Effective sieve cleaning system
Energiesparender Schwungantrieb
Energy-saving continuous drive
Geringe dynamische Lasten
Low dynamic loads