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An icon undergoing a transformation

Since 1873, Engelsmann has been developing, producing and marketing components and systems for handling bulk solids – but the company has never been led by 2 directors before. Both Christian Kretzu and Christian Wernicke have been working at Engelsmann for around 30 years and they officially took over the management of the company in January 2020. And they have big plans.


Christian Wernicke’s career at Engelsmann started in 1989 in Proposal Management. Before he was appointed as commercial director in January 2020, he managed the Service Department, Internal Sales and, from 2015, the Marketing & Sales Division.

Christian Kretzu is Engelsmann’s new technical director. He started working at Engelsmann in 1994 in Technical Sales. After working as a customer adviser for many years, in 2012 he was appointed as manager of the Design and Development Department. Now in his role as technical director, he is responsible for managing all technical aspects of the company, including production.

With almost 150 years of company history, J. Engelsmann AG is part of the bedrock of the bulk solids industry. Both of the “newly minted” directors, Christian Kretzu and Christian Wernicke, look back on the long history of Engelsmann and are now, in a time of political and economic uncertainty and of coronavirus, responsible for leading the company though the crisis and ensuring its success in the future.

From Christian Wernicke’s point of view, the secret to Engelsmann’s success lies in their knowledge about their customers’ products and process technology. “There are only few products that we have yet to screen, mix, empty, fill or handle in another way. Together with our expertise in process technology, we do not simply provide reliable and creative solutions but instead a strong overall package – from consultation, to the development and manufacturing, commissioning and servicing of our products.”

Engelsmann loves challenging tasks

As technical director, Christian Kretzu also sees this as the key to Engelsmann’s success. “Just like in the past, today it is still important to understand your customers’ problems so that you can give them the best advice. Here at Engelsmann, we have built up a huge wealth of experience over time.” However, he also sees the securing and passing on of this knowledge as a challenge. “We must also take care to ensure that in the future valuable experiences are documented, passed on and used profitably in the company.”

For Christian Kretzu, one of the most important developments at Engelsmann was the decision to offer a standardized range of products alongside the company’s successful custom mechanical engineering solutions. “Our teams here at Engelsmann love working on challenging tasks where they need to come up with individual solutions. These projects have always been part of our main business activities. Today we also offer a high-quality range of standard products which are in demand on the market and very competitive. However, we still have enough time and the necessary facilities to take on individual projects. When integrating components or entire system units in large-scale plants, with standardized solutions you quickly reach the limits of what is possible. The higher investment in a tailored solution is worth it if you find that you would have to make too many compromises and can only achieve the optimal production results with a specially adapted custom solution.”

At the moment, the management of the coronavirus crisis is a top priority for both directors and must be dealt with before the company can focus on expanding their product portfolio and acquiring new markets again. “On the one hand, we will continue to build on our containment program. On the other hand, Engelsmann also observes trends such as Industry 4.0 and digitization and analyzes what requirements regarding screening technology or the handling of big bags result from this,” explains Christian Wernicke. “For us, this opens up completely new opportunities for the networking of our machines and systems with the process world of our customers.”