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Screw mixer for HDPE powder

Our vortex screw mixers are successfully used all over the world for continuous mixing of HD-PE (High Density PolyEthylene) with additives.

HD-PE serves to produce bottles for cleaning agents and containers (IPC) up to 1000 l and to produce gas and drinking water pipes.

Additives are for example:

  • coal dust
  • ammonium salts (as flame protection agents)
  • protecting agents against ultaviolet radiation
  • filling materials
  • colour pigments
  • antistatic agents

PE-HD (HDPE) : slightly branched Polymer chains, for that reason high density between 0.94 g/cm³ and 0.79 g/cm³ .

The mixing process:

During the mixing process of a vortex screw mixer the product to be mixed is taken from the periphery in the U-shaped mixing trough via a double rotor system and thrown up over the mixing shafts. A weightless zone, that is to say a mechanical fluidized bed is created in this way only by exactly adapting the peripheral speed to the product. The various paddles are executed in such a way as to effect not only linear material transport but also intensive exchanging of particles transverse to the transport direction.


  • continuous mixing process
  • quick and at the same time gentle mixing due to low peripheral speeds
  • high homogeneity even in the case of different sizes and weights of the individual mixing components
  • minimum wear at the mixer