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For optimum mixing of products with largely varying densities and grain sizes

It is a drum mixer of Engelsmann that provides an ideal solution to the problem of a customer, where various resins have to be mixed with hardening agents. In addition to the optimum mixing results obtained this mixer can be cleaned easily. Depending on the application, the drum mixer can be delivered with various mixing tools such as T-blade, band mixing tool, plough share or Becker blade. The mixer can even be used to destroy agglomerates, if additional fork heads are mounted.

Technical data:

effective volume: 1.500 l
total volume: 2.000 l
mixing drum diameter: 1.200 mm
mixing drum length: 1.800 mm
mixing tool: T-blade mixing tool
inlet: 1 inlet with turnbuckle and Schmersal protection
outlet: 1 outlet with flange, provided with pneumatically operated locking flap without clearance volume
lateral cleaning opening: 1 opening with cover and Schmersal protection
miscellaneous: various nozzles with flange, additional pipe, blind cover or hose crushing valve, manhole cover with inspection glass

Design data:

admissible operating pressure: 1 bar overpressure, pressureless
operating temperature: < 100 °C
required control pressure: 4 - 6 bar
construction materials: product contacting parts of stainless steel 1.4541,
other parts of carbon steel, paint-finished
drive: 1 gear motor, 55 KW, about 85 min-1, 400 V, feeler gauge, including frequency converter


The control unit is designed for explosion-free areas and includes the following functions:

  • control of flaps and shut-off valves
  • speed adjustment
  • setting of the mixing time

Control unit located in a Rittal control cabinet of carbon steel, paint-finished. Control unit make Siemens, Typ S 7 - 300, including operating device OP 17.

Summary of the advantages offered by this drum mixer:

  • optimum mixing of free-flowing to poorly flowing products
  • mixing of products with largely varying densities and grain sizes within a very short time
  • easy cleaning due to a large inspection opening
  • locking flap without clearance volume, adapted to the container radius
  • fork heads can be mounted subsequently to destroy agglomerates
  • various mixing tools can be used (T-blade, band, plough-share, Becker-blade)