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Drying and filling system for plastic powder

With the construction of the largest drying and filling plant in the company’s history, J. Engelsmann AG makes it possible to process plastic powder economically.

It made the air feel thin: it’s a feeling that crept up as you stood directly in front of the biggest drying and filling plant ever built by Engelsmann. A demanding customer request and the solution expertise of the Engelsmann engineers made the plant construction with gigantic dimensions possible.

A leading manufacturer of plastic powder for the production of foils commissioned Engelsmann to construct the drying and filling plant. The extremely high throughput rate, which was specified by the client, made the extraordinary size of the plant necessary. A giant vacuum dryer forms the heart of the plant, which is used for the draining, drying and filling of plastic powder. As well as the dryer, which has a gross volume of 20,000 dm³, the 8.50 metre long and 6.60 metre high plant also consists of a screening machine as protective strainer, a filling unit for big bags or sacks and the dryer’s control unit. The special advantage of the plant is its cost-effectiveness, due to the merging of draining and drying into one piece of equipment. The processing and drying time, which is shortened as a result, saves valuable energy and costs. Another timing saving is created by the filling unit, which enables both big bags and sacks to be filled.

Planning and assembly from one single source

The gigantic project is a one-stop shopping solution. Almost all the work, from engineering to final assembly, was carried out by Engelsmann. The small number of interfaces guaranteed a largely flawless and efficient project, which in turn benefitted the client. After the function test and final inspection of the plant, this had to be disassembled into individual units again to be transported, before the final assembly and commissioning were carried out on the client’s premises.