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New machine configurations for highest hygiene requirements

Engelsmann introduces new machine configurations which were especially designed for hygiene-sensitive sectors. At the Powtech trade fair 2019, the first machines in the new hygienic design will be presented.

In hygiene-sensitive sectors, such as the food and pharmaceuticals industries, high requirements are imposed on the compliance of the machine solutions used. In order to meet this demand, Engelsmann now launches special hygiene versions which were designed according to the hygienic design principles and current industry standards, such as FDA, EC 1935/2004 or GMP, for selected machine solutions. The top priority for the revision of the machines was to avoid contamination by microorganisms or product residues and to ensure fast and thorough cleaning of the components. For this reason, the design of all machines of the new series were adapted so that there is as little dead space as possible. Internal corners and edges are rounded and have extended radii. All components have been designed in such a manner that they can be easily accessed and examined for cleaning purposes. Thanks to the inclined surfaces, there are no areas in which the product can deposit, and it is ensured that cleaning agents can also drain off. All materials in contact with the product, such as adhesives and sealing materials, are available made of compliant materials with appropriate certificates depending on the required guideline. Furthermore, Engelsmann offers different, high-quality surface treatments and different depths of roughness. The first revised machines for big bag handling, screening and mixing technology applications will be presented to a wide professional audience at the Powtech trade fair 2019 for the first time.

Not only machines, but also services were put to the test and optimized with respect to the requirements of the pharmaceuticals and food industries. If required, Engelsmann also provides suitable documentation packages for the validation or qualification of machines and systems. All machines to be used in hygiene-sensitive areas are manufactured by Engelsmann in separate, clean production rooms which comply with clean room class 8 in accordance with DIN ISO 14644-1.