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Announcement on the change to the board

Shortly before Christmas, it was time for goodbyes at Engelsmann. On 31 December 2019, Olaf Gerdes, who had been a member of the board of Engelsmann since 2006, took his well-deserved retirement. His successors Christian Kretzu and Christian Wernicke, who assumed the position together on 1 January 2020, now run Engelsmann as a board duo.

The role of technical director is assumed by Christian Kretzu, who started his career with Engelsmann in 1994 as an employee in technical sales. After working in customer advise for many years, in 2012 he took over the management of the design and development department.

Christian Wernicke began his training at Engelsmann in 1986, was subsequently employed as a salesperson, before taking over the management of the service department in 2002. From 2006, he was head of DACH sales and marketing, before assuming responsibility for the entire sales department in 2015.

Both are passionately committed Engelsmen, whose management of the company is based on a long-term growth strategy: “The further development of already existing products, but also the development and introduction of new products, as well as continuous optimisation of our processes are the main pillars of our corporate strategy”, says Christian Kretzu and adds: “As long-time Engelsmen, we are thrilled to assume management of the company, thus enabling us to actively shape Engelsmann’s future.” For Christian Wernicke, customer proximity above all else is the focus of all his efforts: “Our aim is to design the decision making and purchasing process for machines requiring explanation to be as simple as possible for our customers. We can only do this by keeping consistent focus on the needs of our customers and by concentrating on that which defines us: namely our long-standing experience in handling bulk goods.”