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Cleaned up: JEL Fix becomes JEL Fix II

The JEL Fix round screen is now available in a new variant which is not only more hygienic, but also convinces with better usability. The machine base is made entirely from stainless steel round tubes and is therefore less prone to accumulation of product. Star grips, the clickable profile seal and the simple dismantling of the machine parts make the round screen very easy to operate. more


Announcement on the change to the board

By the end of the year 2019 Olaf Gerdes resigned from his position as managing director of the board to enter his well-deserved retirement. Christian Kretzu and Christian Wernicke, who have been working at Engelsmann for years, now run the company as a board duo. more


Interview with a bulk solids expert: Dealing with bulk materials efficiently

What are common problems that you are frequently confronted with during the disposal of bulk materials and how can they be avoided? Engelsmann Product Developer Viktor Quindt on what you need to watch out for to empty a product as efficiently as possible without residues and provides an outlook for the future trends of the coming years. more


More Knowledge about Free Fall Mixing

Easy handling, minimum maintenance and a product friendly working method: many factors play an important role when purchasing an industrial mixer. Our team of experts tells you the things that you should bear in mind when choosing a free-fall mixer and gives tips on how these mixers can meet the highest hygiene requirements, taking the example of the JEL RRM drum hoop mixer. more


Screening – these are the essentials

What are the key factors when it comes to the design of screening machines and what are the upcoming trends in the next five years? Our product designer Joachim Liedtke investigates this question. How screening machines should be designed to meet the requirements of current trends such as thorough cleaning and easy handling, shows the example of the JEL Konti screening machine. more

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