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Screen meets screw

A mixture of a centrifugal screen and a screw conveyor: coil drum screens combine the precise screening of a centrifuge with the careful product treatment of a screw. In this way, delicate products can be screened accurately and with minimal product waste. more


Trust is good – protective screening is better

Protective screens are one of the smaller components when it comes to industrial manufacturing processes. Nevertheless their tasks are important. Foreign bodies and impurities have to be screened of reliably, so that the end product as well as the production process itself is protected. Read more about what makes a good protective screening machine, in our latest guide. more


Screening for the good cause - Engelsmann builds prototype for the International Water Aid Organization

On June 20th a special event took place at the Engelsmann premises: the presentation of the Emergency Water Kit to the IWAO. One it is finished, the Emergency Kit provides 20 people with 3 liters of hygienically perfect, potable water per person for 3 days. Engelsmann is proud to have contributed to this important project by building a prototype of the filter system. more


Grading – what operators need to know

The most important measure when grading is the selectivity, i.e. how precisely the individual particle sizes are separated from one another. In our latest guide, you can learn more about which factors are decisive when trying to get the highest level of selectivity possible, and which criteria are important when purchasing a grading screening machine. more


Safe, dust-free and hygienic:
big bag emptying solution with integrated protective screening

Whoever wants to protect their production equipment from foreign objects uses protective sieves after the raw-material output. In our latest technical report from the food industry, we detail how all those who want to integrate this process step into a Big Bag emptying station can do so in a manner that saves space and complies with the Hygienic Design. more

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