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Gentle screening meets clever handling

A gentle operation, simple handling, versatile adjustment options and a big dash of hygienic design please! Does your screening machine wishlist look like this? Then you should really get to know our new long-stroke Konti screening machine. more


NEW: Smart Containment with Big Bag Emptying

Containment plants are complex systems and as such are often complicated to operate and prone to errors. But when handling potentially dangerous substances, any operating errors must absolutely be prevented as, in a worst case scenario, this could result in a containment break. more


Why you shouldn't do without protective screening

A little process step with great effect: Why protective screening machines play an important part in every production process and what really makes a good protective screen, you can read here. more


Corona Crisis: Engelsmann is Prepared

All of us are currently experiencing, in our private and professional environment, how much the corona crisis is limiting our day-to-day lives. We at Engelsmann have also taken measures to protect our employees and business partners and to maintain our operations. more


Screening, Dosing, Filling - Precisely Fitting System for Cramped Conditions

When space is tight, individually customized solutions are ahead of standardized components. This is also demonstrated by the small turnkey system that Engelsmann especially designed for a manufacturer of the chemical industry: Due to the precisely fitting integration of the system unit, the customer was able to make optimal use of the limited space and even integrate an additional process step. more

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